Corporate assets legalization services

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Extensive experience to operate legally inventories, commercial premises such as offices, shops, restaurants, manufacturing and warehousing.
We process the issuance and renewal for: Industrial licensing , Building & Zoning permits and Operating license (All types)

Additionally, we lead with the concerned parties the facilities inspection arrangements for Health & Safety (Fire, Gas, Electrical and Energy)


Licenses, building, and zoning permits


To facilitate on-time


Government inspection to comply with health and safety guidelines

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    Important Questions

    What are legal documents to get you an operating license?
    • POA or delegation with bank authentication of signature for ILUJIS.
    • On the company letter head please state that this manager (please Mention his name) has been working until that date (mention the date) in the company and occupies the position of branch manager.
    Proofs & Certificates
    • Rental contract (with a bank’s valid signature or recorded in the real estate registry)
    • Electricity Receipt (last payment)
    • Building License that your store is located along with 4 Photos for the Store Signage.
    • Commercial registration & tax file counting the new branch.
    • A minimum total of 6 engineering drawings certified by consulting engineer in the Arabic language show the electricity meter places and powers
    • Social insurance on the branch staff (Social Insurance Office of the Branch area).
    • Social insurance receipt (last payment).
    • Cleaning Contract.
    • Staff and branch manager health certificates.
    What are advantages of legalization?
    • The first advantage is that you can even easier and faster sell your property. No buyer wants to do this task but wants to be sure that all documentation that accompanies the property is proper and in compliance with the law. 
    • Only legal buildings can be connected to municipal infrastructure for drinking water supply, wastewater drainage, power grid, and similar. Whether you want to subdivide your building to sell or rent it easier, you cannot do it without a legalized building. If you want to use your real estate for business purposes, you also have to respect the law and ensure the legality of your building. 
    • Interest protection through preventing any governmental fines & penalties
    Do i need a building license to reform my property?
    • Yes, Ilujis will issue the type of license required for these works depends on the works to be done with the reform.
    How do you calculate ILUJIS legislation for the Egyptian business assets fees?
    • Speak to one of our experts & ask for an official offer