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We take on all immigration liability while the ILUJUS team handles all aspects of your employee’s visa & work permit applications, including all follow-on support, renewals, and dependent visas for the duration of the needed service. By working on your behalf, and handling the expenses, paperwork, and checklist to obtain Egypt Work Visas Taking care of the needed Egyptian National Security Agency (ENSA) approvals, while handling work permit Issuance with the investment office or manpower office or petroleum office.


Highly skilled expats & employment contracts


Security agency approvals


Legalization, and translation


Driving licenses issuance & renewal


Annual tax certificates


Work and residency permits


Residence by investment

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    Important Questions

    What are requirements for an Egyptian work permit and by Egypt employers?
    • Employers in Egypt are encouraged to hire Egyptians instead of foreigners, which could affect work permits. Egypt also has a quota system so that work permit restrictions could affect your employees
    • If no Egyptians are qualified for a particular post, your employees can apply for a one-year work permit. They can renew it for up to three years. Each employee must obtain a security clearance from Egypt’s National Security Agency before applying for a work permit.
    • The employer must show a labor market analysis which explains that no residents are qualified enough for the position. Only then a work permit for a foreign national will be granted. When a work permit is obtained, the applicant must also train at least two local Egyptian nationals to work in the same place.
    Is there any additional requirements?
    • Yes. Several documents needed to apply for Egypt work visas and work permits. Some of them are: A complete application, valid passport, Some passport sized photographs, copy of the company’s incorporation contract, Employee’s tax ID, Academic degrees and certificates, License for the profession if required, Justification to explain why the employee was hired, proof that a company’s representative is applying for the work permit on behalf of the employee & negative HIV test
    Do i need a work visa in Egypt for working in the country?
    • Yes, it is illegal to work without a work permit and a business visa in Egypt, so foreigners who want to enter and reside in Egypt for the purpose of employment, need to apply for a work permit.
    Can the employee extend his work permit?
    • An Egypt work permit can be extended based on the type of role assigned. For example, if the work commitments require the employee to stay longer in the country, the employer can get in touch with ILUJIS to get their period of stay extended.
    How to cancel my employee’s work permit?
    • Canceling a work visa is a complicated process. It would be best to get in touch with ILUJIS to revoke your employee’s work permit to work on making the work permit gets canceled automatically if the employment contract is canceled.
    What happens if i am unsatisfied with the immigration services you have provided us?
    • Even though we have designed our process that minimizes the chances of dissatisfaction but we know it can happen, we’re dealing with humans & governmental regulations after all, at any case your satisfaction is guaranteed!