Word of CEO

It was alluring to find out that the market needed a solution to the obstacles standing against its development, growth, and sustainability. In 2014, I established Ilujis to address this gap and meet all government-related needs. Ilujis facilitated operation licenses for several international companies in various industries. Given the digitization era, I had to do some post-merger adjustments as my vision as an expert in government relations amplified, such as Immigration Services for employers of foreign nationals, Business Operating License Obtainment, providing Building and Zoning permits and supporting and consulting my clients. This translated to helping businesses achieve their goals and, thus, standing out in their industries. Today, Ilujis has successfully ripened to become an enabling resource for all its clients providing deep vertical know-how and broad industry experience. Currently, Ilujis is dealing with international businesses and offering a comprehensive scope of legal services and close network links to several clients.